Assurance Amid Emergency

Glass break sensors, remote alarm activation, and high level security cameras: You’re feeling safer already. Combine this innovative home security with additional remote functions through your phone or tablet and the options are endless. At Home Security NW, we believe your home should never be in peril, and certainly not the people within. Eliminate any risk towards you and your family by installing high security systems.         

Security Through Technology  

You can instantly be notified of alerts including carbon-monoxide and smoke detector alarms, as well as complete control of access. In fact, thanks to mobile technology, homeowners are able to monitor their largest investment at all times.  

What about customer service and security emergencies? Home Security NW offers live customer support, ready and willing to assist in the hour of distress or inquiry. Our advanced systems and local presence allow for knowledge about your area, cutting response time to a minimum. The Pacific Northwest can rest assured through our dedication and exceptional response services 24/7.

Prevent, Alert, Know

Deterring a break-in is one of the best ways to protect your home. Alarm, light, and camera systems are great ways to do that. Silence and darkness are some of a burglar’s best friends; by installing automated and easily controlled security options, harm to your home is greatly prevented. Should a break-in occur, you are immediately notified through Home Alarm NW and the exceptional products installed in your home. This gives comprehensive knowledge of your family’s safety and grants a peace of mind like never before.

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