Why Do People Burglarize Homes?

There you are sitting in the middle of what's left of your belongings trying to figure out why your home was broken into. The sad part about it is that they took many of your personal mementos that are not replaceable. As you go over what happened in your mind; suddenly you remember what you failed to do. You realized you never looked into any home secuirty systems for your protection.

Why did they break into my home?

From early 2008 until the present, the state of the economy has caused financial hardship for many families. As the main breadwinners of those families have lost their jobs and failed to find new ones; desperation has set in. This has caused many people to revisit their security systems because they understand that hopelessness can lead to crime. As many people see their neighbors and friends continue to prosper; the envy of the unemployed could cause them to break into their neighbor's homes.

Here are some other reasons for burglaries.

Drug and alcohol abuse.
Addictions can cause people to do crazy things including breaking the law. Burglars have been known to burglarize their family members home when they are under the influence of drugs and alcohol. 

Showcasing your valuables.
Many unknowing consumers have found themselves being burglarized because they were seen wearing expensive jewelry, driving luxury vehicles, or talking amongst associates about their latest financial conquests.  This can bring unwanted attention and the potential for a home invasion

A lottery win.
After finding out that they won the lottery, many consumers are thrown into the limelight.  Their pictures are all over the newspaper and everyone in their town knows that they won.  This can make them a target for someone wanting to cash in on their good fortune.  This is when your security is most important. The recent 600 million dollar lottery winner in Florida is surely reviewing his home security before revealing him or herself to the rest of the world.

No matter why people burglarize your home, it can be an unsettling event. The violation that you feel can be overwhelming, but you can fight back.  Look into various home security systems and choose one that will work for you. Put your family and safety first.


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