How Glass Break Sensors Can Make Your House More Secure

A glass break detector is a sensor that is commonly used in home security systems, and is designed to hear if a glass window pane is broken or shattered, aiding in the detection of burglars. Glass break detectors have built in microphones, or narrow band microphones, which closely monitor glass for noise or vibrations. When the noise level of the glass exceeds a certain threshold for the sensory device, the alarm sounds

These security devices have units available that offer varying ranges. The sound of breaking glass can be detected from as much as 35 feet away, with both hard wired and wireless version available for different security systems. These sensors can be used for windows within a home, store-front windows of a business, and glass doors. These detectors are most commonly placed in the first floor of a home, preferably in areas more susceptible to a break in, like the back of the house, etc.


Glass break detectors in home security systems help to deter and prevent a burglar invading your home or business, the goal being to scare off the burglar before they enter.


How are Glass Break Detectors Different from Motion Sensors? 

Interior motion sensors are different than glass break detectors because they do not detect an intruder until they're already moving about inside of your home or business. The burglar has the chance to enter and walk around, before the alarm even sounds. Glass break detectors, on the other hand, offer you security by detecting a burglar immediately upon the breaking of glass, and will more than likely scare the perpetrator away, before they have a chance to gain access to your home or business.

There are many tools in the home security industry, and while glass break sensors do a great job for what they do, there are many other solutions that are used by home security systems. A balanced security system is best when considering the safety of you and your family.


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