Reinforcements Are Not Enough: Why People Need Security Systems as Well

As a homeowner, you may be taking various steps to improve the security of your home. One of those steps may be to reinforce your doors and windows. This is a very good step to take, but it alone is not be enough. It is not prudent to expect these reinforcements alone to guard your home. The fact is, they could be putting you and your family at risk without you even knowing it.

What Reinforcements Do

When it comes to security for your home, reinforced doors and windows are helpful. Many of these are very durable, hard to break into, and even capable of withstanding storm-force winds. This is a step you should take, but don't stop there. Protection for yourself and your family should mean more to you than that.

The Value of a Home Security System

Home security systems are a critical component to any home's security. Without an actual security system, you remain vulnerable. Here's why:

  • These reinforced doors and windows can still be broken by determined individuals.
  • If a reinforced door or window is broken, nobody will be called automatically, unlike home security systems.
  • Reinforcements cannot prevent all types of risks, including someone who wants to hurt you.
  • Because reinforcements don't sound an alarm, you may still be asleep even after a home invasion has occurred, leaving you and your family vulnerable.
  • Reinforcements only help when you are home to hear the reinforcements being broken.


Home security systems provide ample protection, not only through helping to alert you of a problem, but also by potentially scaring would-be thieves away, before entry. Further, the police can get there in time to help you. Don't make the mistake of believing a reinforced door is sufficient for your home's security. You need more protection, including the use of a functional home security system designed for your home's needs.


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