The Cost of Burglary vs. The Cost Of A Home Security System

While Seattle has a fairly mild crime rate compared to some cities in the U.S., nearly 7% of homes are expected to be broken into within the year. While this is not an extremely high percentage when compared to cities with higher burglary rates, it is still quite alarming. This means that 7 out of every 100 houses will be broken into within the year.

No one wants to have their home broken into, but statistically, it is very likely that several homes in your neighborhood will be burglarized sometime within the year. The question to ask yourself is: “Am I prepared?” One of the best ways to prepare for a burglary is by installing a home security system to alert you if someone does break in. Many people think that home security systems are too expensive, and don’t see how the cost of burglary could actually outweigh the cost of having a security system installed.

Many people believe that the police will be able to find their stolen goods in the event of a robbery. While it is true, the police can certainly recover your things, and they should be the first ones you call in the event of a robbery, only 15% of burglars are ever caught by the police. This comes out to about 1 in 7. So if a burglar manages to break in and get away with your things, you are not likely to ever see the burglar or your belongings again.

The cost of a single break-in is tremendous. In fact, according the FBI, the average cost of a household burglary was over $2,000 per incident in 2010 (the latest year with full data available). Home security systems, on the other hand, can cost anywhere from $250-$500 per year for a standard installation. In other words, one burglary is worth 4 years of home security payments!

Wouldn’t it be better prevent a burglary with an affordable home security system instead of having to deal with the hassle and aftermath of a robbery? Contact us today to hear how you can save on a home security system today!


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