Top Features in Home Security Systems

While there are many important features in home security systems, one of the most sought after is high-quality customer service. There are many good reasons consumers should look for this feature: it provides a failsafe against errors and technical issues, provides support in urgent situations, and gives peace of mind to homeowners.

There are so many things that can go wrong with technology. What if an alarm is triggered accidentally? Or what if an alarm that should have been triggered fails to activate? In these non-emergency situations, it is important to talk to your home security system’s customer service right away. At Home Security Northwest, we provide customer response and maintenance services within 24 hours of a customer phone call. This helps ensure that your home alarm system is always protecting you and your family.

In addition to technical issues or maintenance needs, there are real life scenarios where you may need quick technical support or service. In emergency situations, you should always dial 911 first. But what if your alarm system was recently triggered by a burglar, the police are on their way, but you can’t remember how to shut off the alarm? Or perhaps your system was damaged by an attempted break-in and you need immediate assistance to re-secure your home. In these events, fast and efficient customer service is a life saver. Because our offices are located right here in the Snohomish Washington area, we offer the fastest customer service available. When you call our service line, you won’t have to go through endless menus: just 1 for sales, 2 for service. It’s as simple as that!

Knowing that your security systems provider is the fastest in the industry can help provide you with a piece of mind. Emergencies happen at all hours, and in many cases, anything less than the best response time is simply not good enough. Even though we allow you to select your own equipment for your security system, we offer our maintenance services to all of our customers. For more information about our customer service, or to get a quote, contact us at:


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