How to Protect Commonly Stolen Items

Burglaries are being committed regularly, and the unfortunate reality is you just might be the next victim. Home security systems can be a great line of defense and deter many thieves, but no system is completely fool proof. There is always the chance that a particularly stubborn or determined burglar could break in. In that event there are certain items that burglars will commonly target. Knowing what thieves will go after can greatly help you prevent the loss of valuable items.



Cash is what every burglar wants most; it is the whole reason for breaking in.

The best thing you can do to keep your cash safe is to store most of it somewhere that nobody would think to look in a rushed search, or in a secure safe. Discard you first ideas of where to hide it, as the thieves will probably think to search there first as well.



Laptops are easy targets for burglars. Most people just leave their computers out on a desktop, so all a burglar has to do is pick it up and claim it as his. To protect against that likelihood, just get a cable lock and fasten your computer to your desk. This is both cheap and effective. If your laptop is too difficult to secure in that fashion, simply storing it somewhere out of sight greatly increases the odds of it being overlooked.



Laptops are most likely not the only valuable electronics in your home. TVs, video game consoles, iPods, and cameras are all easy to find and sell. For the larger items you can again lock them to the piece of furniture that they rest on, but for many of the smaller items that is just not practical. For Ipods, cameras and other small items, you should try to them store out of sight. The burglars won’t often have time to search every nook and cranny of your home.



Thieves target jewelry because it is small and easily sold. If you have any play structures or kid’s toys in your front yard, this is a sign that there is most likely a mother as well, and, by extension, jewelry. Jewelry is often kept in jewelry boxes that are quickly recognizable. For this reason, keep your more expensive jewelry somewhere less assuming or in a safe.



Firearms are another great find for thieves. They can be easily sold for a pretty penny on the street or used in future robberies. A safe is the best place to store firearms. You should always keep your any weapons locked away in a safe when not in use. You would not want to know that your gun was out there somewhere, potentially even being used in further criminal activity.  



Burglars will also look for any documents that will have relevant information regarding your identity and credit cards, as well as the credit cards themselves. This is usually why they go for wallets. You should shred any unnecessary documents that have information of that sort. Keeping sensitive documents in a safe and out of sight is highly recommended.


Power Tools

If burglars have trouble entering your main house they will sometimes settle for your garage or shed, which is often less well secured. They may decide your new power tools and building supplies are worth the effort. As a rule of thumb, keep the garage door closed when no one is outside, and keep secure locks on any sheds or outdoor storage buildings.


Most burglaries are committed in between eight and twelve minutes. By keeping valuables out of sight and not in commonly utilized places or in a safe, they will be more likely to be overlooked. No one wants to be robbed, but in the event that it happens, you can greatly mitigate your losses with these quick and easy precautions.


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