Meet 5 Burglars That Want Your Stuff Plus Tips on How to Stop them

Unfortunately, you can’t trust everyone to have your best interests in mind. The reality is that some people would rather make money the crooked and illegal way than work for it.

Here are 5 types of burglars that steal your belongings, with info on how they do it and how you can stop them.

The Knock on Your Front Door Burglar

That’s right, this thief will actually begin his burglary by knocking on your front door. Unlike a salesman, he isn’t knocking so he can sell you his products. He’s knocking to see if you’re home. If you do happen to be home, he might pretend to be a salesman. However, he’s really hoping you aren’t home. If nobody comes to the door, he’ll sneak around to the sliding glass window in the back and peek in to affirm that nobody is home. If he’s convinced that nobody is home he kicks in your glass door or pries open a window and steals your valuables.


Here’s how you can stop this guy:

  • Put a lock on the gate to your backyard

  • Replace your sliding glass door with a stylish solid door

  • Lock your windows

  • Make it look like your home by leaving some lights or your the TV on

  • Install a home security system and put the security sign in your front yard


The Vacation Burglar

This guy isn’t on vacation, but he’s busy ravaging people’s houses when they are! This guy looks for piles of newspapers in the driveway, postal boxes stacked up by the door, and overgrown landscaping. These all tell this burglar that nobody’s been around for a while and your house is safe to break into. To break into your house, he’ll often arrive at night time and pick a lock, pry open a window, or find some other devious way to intrude into your home. The worst part is this: since he knows you’re gone on vacation, he has has plenty of time to search around and find that “hidden” stash of cash under your bed, or cut open your jewelry safe.


Here’s how you can stop this guy:

  • Hire someone to cut your lawn while you're gone

  • Ask a responsible neighbor to collect your newspapers and delivery boxes

  • Leave a car in the driveway to make it look like your home

  • Install a home security system


The Glove Box Burglar

Glove boxes are often filled with valuable items and this guy knows it! Since it’s somewhat of a nuisance to always be locking a car’s doors while the car is in the driveway, this thief is able to travel from car to car in a neighborhood and rummage through gloveboxes. Common glovebox items that this guy is looking for include handguns, stereo displays, paperwork, and jewelry.


Here’s how you can stop this guy:

  • Lock your car doors at all times

  • Don’t keep valuables in your glove box

  • Lock your glove box if it has a lock


The Lazy Burglar

Just as in any profession (honest or dishonest), there’s always the lazy guy. This lazy burglar is willing to settle for whatever is easy to grab. He isn’t going to break into your house or your car. Rather, he’ll walk through a neighborhood at night and grab a skateboard, bicycle, lawn mower or anything else lying out in your front yard. These thieves have even been known to pull your freshly planted plants right out of your front yard.


Here’s how you can stop this guy:

  • Don’t leave your stuff laying outside

  • Build a fence or put a hedge around your front yard

  • Install a video surveillance system and make it obvious


The Garage Rummaging Burglar

You might be surprised at how fast this guy can get into and out of your garage - with his hands full of your stuff. Garages are full of some of your most valuable belongings and this guy takes advantage of this concentration of possessions. He’s well practiced in getting in and out fast, so he’ll even steal from you when your just around the corner!


Here’s how you can stop this guy:

  • Keep your garage door closed whenever you’re not in the immediate area

  • Lock your garage door even when your home

  • Take advantage of a home security option for your garage door


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