Home Security: Pros and Cons of 5 Kinds of Door Locks

For countless years, locks have secured homes and families from thieves and intruders. But only in recent years has digital technology entered the doorlock playing field. With these newer kinds of locks available for your doors, we decided to do some research and compile our list regarding which door locks are best for home security.

Check out the findings in the following infographic:


Each of these locks has its advantages and disadvantages that need to be weighed when considering which lock to put on your doors.

Keyed door knob

The keyed door knob features a classic look and is quite inexpensive. However, it is the simplest lock to pick, and there is always the chance you could lose the key.

Keyed deadbolt lock

The keyed deadbolt lock is much more secure than a keyed door knob, and it is also an inexpensive option. However, this lock suffers from many of the same weaknesses as the keyed door knob. It can easily be picked by burglars, the key can be lost, and it also creates an extra step in the unlocking process.

Numbered Keypad

A number keypad is a far more secure method of locking your home. Homeowners are occasionally critical of the keypad system because they don’t appreciate the look of a keypad attached to their door. Numerous homeowners are unaware that these keypads can be mounted elsewhere for improved appearance. The keypad also provides added accessibility and convenience because the homeowner can simply relay the keycode to friends and family, relieving them of the responsibility of lending out house key copies. Take care, though. Key codes can be forgotten, and some keypads are vulnerable to weather damage.

Fingerprint locks

Fingerprint locks are extremely secure and feature a cool, sleek, futuristic look. However, only those with recognized fingerprints are able to open the door. Like the keypad lock system, fingerprint locks are also vulnerable to weather. 

Smartphone locks

Smartphone locks are incredibly effortless and look impressive. However, due to the fact that they are operated using an electronic device, these types of locking mechanisms are theoretically susceptible to hacking.

Optimal Home Security

While having secure doors is important, thieves can still break in using alternative methods such as windows. To maximize your security, consider installing a security system. To receive a free and easy quote from Home Security NW, click here.




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