Home Security Monitoring

Peace of Mind and High Quality at an Affordable Cost

We believe that security is an option that should be available to everybody. While your safety and security is priceless, there are many companies that charge prices for their services that are simply too high! At Home Security NW™, we have worked to set up plans that can work within a budget. Your peace of mind should not come at a price!

Your equipment or ours

We allow our customers the option to use their own equipment for security monitoring. Many security companies will force you into purchasing their security equipment, which can often be unnecessary and very expensive. Giving our customers the option to use their own security equipment sets us apart from our competitors!

Not to worry if you do not have your own security equipment! We have equipment that we can rent or sell to our customers that we guarantee will provide the best possible performance in keeping your household secure.

Live person monitoring staffed in the Northwest

At Home Security NW™ we always have your back. Our staff performs live monitoring of our customers' premises. So whenever you aren't paying attention, we are. 


"Yes, Please contact me for a quote."
No obligation. USE Your equipment or we will provide affordable options.