How We Stack Up

Everyone knows about ADT. Their home security systems and services are touted as being the best you can buy. But how do they truly stack up? Are they really as good as they say? Take a look at how ADT compares to Home Security Northwest:




Phone Trees:

Activation Fee:

Local Response:

Low Price Guarantee:

Your Equipment:


Still Not Sure?

Phone Trees:

ADT’s service requires that you go through a long, complex phone tree to get a live operator. With Home Security Northwest, you get an operator right from the beginning- because your security and peace of mind comes first.

No Activation Fees:

ADT requires a hefty activation fee for any service that they provide. But why should you pay for anything ahead of time? Home Security Northwest believes in giving an affordable and effective solution to your security needs.

Local Service:                     

Our response team is local, fast and dependable, with a superior service that ADT can’t hope to match.

Your Equipment Or Ours:

If you already have a security system installed, no matter what the make, we’ll use it- no need to buy and install new equipment, like with ADT. Or, if you don’t have a security system installed, you can rent or buy from us at an affordable cost.

The Low Price Guarantee:

Our service will always be more affordable than our competitors, without sacrificing the quality you need. Can ADT say the same?

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