What Might Go Wrong Without A Security System

Your home is probably the one place you can let your guard down. The place you can go to relax, recoup, and retreat from the day to day. In a word, your house is secure. Or is it? Unless you have a security system, as you’ll see in the short story below written from a burglar's perspective, that security is nothing but a fantasy. 

What Might Happen

So I checked out your house again yesterday. Nice place. I knocked on your door and you were home, so I asked if "Joe" was in. Of course I know "Mr. Joe" doesn't live here, but I had to say something. I was really hoping you weren't home.

Do you remember that guy up the street that came home in the middle of a burglary? Yeah, I've gotten a lot more careful since then. That time I got away, but I really should have gotten caught. I was just getting started, too, had grabbed his laptop and was pulling apart his entertainment center when suddenly he was RIGHT there. Of course I didn't stick around. I dropped his TV and ran like a bat out of hell, out his back door and over the fence. Now I make sure people are going to be gone for my little visits.

For a number of reasons, your house seems like the perfect score. You work late a few nights a week and you go out to eat with your family often. While you're away, I've talked to your neighbors, pretending to be a friend of yours even, asking when you'll be back and why you're out. I've found your family on Facebook and I see you're going on vacation soon.. I could just get in and get out but I'd rather wait, seeing as you're about to be on holiday. Today I managed to get your home phone number so I can call to check if you're in without even having to go to the door.

I know you have some pretty sweet loot in your house. I've seen your new car in your driveway and your large LCD TV through the window. The kids leave their nice bikes in the yard all the time, and they probably have game consoles. You and your family wear nice clothes with designer brands, including that Louis Vuitton handbag that probably put you back a grand. Both you and your spouse work, so you must be loaded. Even if I'm wrong on some of these, you're still most likely worth the effort.

As for deterrents, your house is totally unprotected. First of all, you don't have an alarm system. Some houses that I've done leave a little "protected by alarm" sticker in the window, the owners hoping I wouldn't bother with the place, but you don't even have one of those. I've turned down a few like that, but the stickers can't all be real.

Your front yard is a little open for my taste but the back yard is private enough that I can get a window open easily. I think your back door has a knob lock, it will probably open with a credit card. If it's got a deadbolt, my crowbar will easily open it. Either through the window or through the door, I'm getting in.

When I do go for your house I'll come with my pickup truck and a buddy to drive it. That way I can bring everything to the garage and call him for pickup. Once I'm inside the house, I'll be lightning fast. I don't care in the slightest if I make a mess, I'm getting your stuff and getting out. I'll be after your electronics first. I'd grab your kids' game consoles strait away. Most of the time I can find at least one laptop, full of credit card and bank account info. I'll take that TV as well. Then I'll be off to the master bedroom. This is were most people put their cash, jewelry, and prescription drugs. I'll grab any guns available, too. I'll have found, loaded and left in under 15 minutes. And you won't know what hit you until you get back from vacation.

Will I care that I've just violated your home? Ha! I've done this before and I'll do it again. I'm in it for the money but I know a few others that loot for their drug addiction. Sometimes a house that's been hit is a great target for another try later, once all the valuables are replaced. You and your family will never feel safe in your home again, but I don't care. I'm gone.